Tiny Gerber image Spas offered through Peachtree Florist

Image of spa jets with Peachtree Spas on top     

is proud to introduce a line of high-quality spas by PDC Spas. There is nothing like stepping into a warm relaxing hot tub to soothe away the stress and tension of a hard day.

Our spas have details that have led to perfection in product design, engineered performance and customer service contributing to nearly 50 years of spiraling growth.

There are many colors for the spa itself and three different selections for the cabinet of your spa, see below.

And remember, your spa awaits you 24/7.

Below are all the various colors our spas come in as well as the outside cabinet colors.

image of spa color Summer Sapphire      Image of spa color Pearl Shadow

image of spa color Majestic Sky      Image of spa color Odyssey Granite

image of spa color Mystic Emerald      Image of spa color Sierra Granite

image of spa color Alba Luster      Image of spa color Eclipse Granite

image of spa color Caribbean Granite      Image of spa color Bluegrass Granite

image of spa color Galaxy Granite      Image of spa color Copper Luster

Below are the wood cabinets to choose from.

image of colors of the cabinets

For more information, give us a call. Or, you can check out the PDC web site at: PDC Spas Link

Go here to see the SE Series of Spas   

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